Sookie signs "All done!"

Families who use the Baby Signs® Program know first hand that there are many benefits to using signs with their babies. Using the Baby Signs® Program …

What Parents Say

Thank you for bringing the baby sign classes to our community. I would definitely recommend families interested in signing to attend this program. The class was a great intro!

Isabella is going like gangbusters with her signing. Sometimes I can't keep up with all the stuff she wants to know. She also LOVES the monkeys and the babies on the DVDs. She wakes up and signs "baby" or "monkey" so she can watch it.

My son Shane and I attended your class a few weeks ago. Since then we have been diligently teaching him signs. It was slow to start but now he is picking up signs really quickly. He knows: finished, more, train, milk, food, bird, tree, water, book and bath. We are working on help, hot, flower and moon (he loves the moon) right now. Thank you for your input and for simply offering the class. It has been wonderful.

I followed your suggestion of showing Jake how to sign using his little hands. It worked! He almost immediately picked up "more" and he did "eat" a few times last night. Thanks again.

I thought I'd let you know about my son's progress, since many parents might wonder whether it is possible to teach their child signs if their child goes to daycare everyday. It might take longer for them to get out the first sign, but it is definitely possible.

The daycare teacher says he is a great communicator, all because of the signs. Even though she doesn't sign, she can easily guess when he signs "eat", "drink", "sleep" (at nap time) and he even asks for his "hat" when they were taking the children to the playground.

We started signing with him when he was 8 months, starting with eat, drink, finished, and bath. And now, at 16 months, he has 30+ signs, including animals, verbs, different types of foods (cheese, cheerios, apple...). Now he picks up signs so fast, sometimes more than a few a day.

Thank you very much!